Get to know iWT, Intelligent technology for Patrol Wands

Find what is iWT, the Intelligent technology used in Contronics Patrol Wands.


Contronics engineers created the product today known as “Patrol Wands”. At the time It was just a sophisticated data collector: When touching the iButtons and Tag-RF, their unique electronic numbers were recorded and stored at the memory of the equipment. Saving the Date and time from the patrol tour.


It doesn’t matter if the guard was visiting the correct checkpoint. Not even if the vigilant was following the script. Everything was about only touching the patrol wand at an iButton to record the date and time of the visit.


After the guard tour was completed. all the information saved at the patrol wand were downloaded to a computer directly to a software. Just then it was possible to know the results and check if the patrol tours were being doing correctly.


At the end of the 90’s, Contronics engineers had a vision that changed the way to manage and control the guard tours. Why does the supervisor needs to bring the equipment to the computer and check if the guard was doing his job? We can make it at the patrol wand itself. We need to migrate all the intelligence, data base, and processing capacity to inside the patrol wand.


This represents a big technical challenge, It’s a small and portable device, energized by batteries. And it must be toughness and resist against any kind of vandalism. It was not easy, the patrol wand needs to do the same work of a computer, that doesn’t have any power supply limitation (It’s plugged at the power plugs), and the computer doesn’t need to be resistant as the patrol wands.


That’s how Contronics patrol wands were born, the first and unique patrol wand with the iWT technology. The processing of information went from the computer to the patrol wand. It means that now the equipment has it owns intelligence and capacity to give every information the supervisor and guards needs. More than just control the vigilant, Contronics equipment can support the guard, indicating what he needs to do and if he’s doing it correctly.

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