7 Reasons to buy Contronics guard tour readers

Until 1995 the control of patrol officers and watchmen was performed with a cylindrical shaped device that was large and heavy called a “Watch Clock”. It was created in the 1870’s by AA Newman. The watch clock made by Newman can still be found is use today in the 21st century. Internally it has a cardboard disc that performs a complete revolution every 23hours. Keys were chained in places where the “night watchman” had to go. When you insert the key in the Watch Clock, a needle made a hole in the cardboard disk. According to the position of the hole you could tell what sites had been visited by the patrol officer and at what time the visit occurred.


One hundred and twenty-five years later, in 1995, the engineers who found Contronics created the first electronic tour device using technology based around the IButton that had been recently launched in the U.S by Dallas Semiconductors Inc.


Therefore it is natural that Contronics is the company with the greatest number of options in electronic tour devices, always offering the most modern and advanced equipment. After all, Contronics tour verification products are sold in more than 60 countries.

1 Toughness

Guardus is the most toughness guard tour reader of the market. It resists against any attempt to destroy the equipment.

2 Intelligence

Only Guardus can offer the technology of Intelligent in a Guard Tour Reader.

3 Guardus remind and call the security guard to start the tour

The guard tour reader from Contronics is the only one in the world which warns the security guard that is the time to start the tour.

4 Supervise the tour

Before the beginning of new shifts, the supervisor can make sure there were no exceptions during the previous shift

5 It works with an offline software

Guard tour reader from Contronics works with Proguard, the most complete offline software of the market.

6 It works with an Online software

Guard tour reader from Contronics also works with GOL (Guard Online), the most advanced online software of the market.

7 Cost-Benefit

You value your money and buy the guard tour reader with the best cost-benefit of the market.


Contronics is continuously developing innovative products with the best technology of the market. It allows the company to be always a step ahead of its competitors. Today Contronics sells to more than 60 countries all over the world.


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