• 1 - PROGuard: how to install

    When you want to install PROGuard new on a computer first make sure you have the latest version from the Contronics website

    IMPORTANT: Make sure your interface (e.g. USB cable) is NOT plugged into your computer. Do not plug it in until you are instructed to in this guide.


    a. After PROGuard has been downloaded, open the file and run the installation wizard. Simply follow the prompts.

    b. If you’re using a USB cable to download the information you now need to install the special USB cable driver. This is downloaded with PROGuard.

    c. On your computer open Windows Explorer, you can do this by clicking on the Windows “Start” button (note: this may be the Windows logo in the bottom left of your screen)

    d. If you have any difficulty with the next steps regarding the USB Cable driver please see the complete USB cable guide

    e. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Contronics\Drivers\USB Cable

    d. You should see 1 file called CP210x_VCP_Win_XP_S2K3_Vista_7.exe, open this file. You will now have another installation wizard that will guide you through the set up. It is recommended to use the default settings in the installation wizard.

    e. Now open PROGuard WITHOUT the interface connected to the computer. You will get an error saying PROGuard cannot communicate with the interface, this is normal at this stage as your interface is NOT plugged in. Click OK on the error message.

    f. With PROGuard open, in the top menu click on ‘Interface’ and then click on ‘Settings…’

    g. Select the interface you wish to use on the left hand side, if you’re using the Guardus G7 ensure you have selected the ‘With IR’ option, if you’re using the Guardus G3 ensure you have selected the ‘Without IR option’. Now click on OK and close PROGuard.


    IMPORTANT: Now plug in the interface cable.


    a. Open PROGuard WITH the interface connected to the computer.

    b. If you did not get an error message PROGuard is now ready to use.

    c. If you did get an error message,in the top menu click on ‘Interface’ and then click on ‘Settings…’

    d. Select the interface you wish to use on the left hand side, if you’re using the Guardus G7 ensure you have selected the ‘With IR’ option, if you’re using the Guardus G3 ensure you have selected the ‘Without IR option’. Now click on OK and close PROGuard.


    Now close PROGuard and re-open it. PROGuard is now ready to use.

  • 2 - PROGuard: how do I edit the description of an iButton or RFTag?

    You can change the description of any iButton or RFTag used in checkpoints or master/patrol officer/employee identification.


    IMPORTANT1: do not mix up iButtons or RFTags when editing, doing so may incorrectly identify checkpoints or staff in reports.

    IMPORTANT2: You should have the wands with you before starting the reprogramming steps.


    a. To change the identifier you need to enter the Programming screen of PROGuard, the easiest way to do this is from the PROGuard home screen click on “Last Downloads”, select the Guardus device and click on the “View” button;
    b. Now at the top you will see a series of tabs, the far right tab will say “Programming”, click on this tab and then the “Reprogram” button. If an alert window opens click on “Yes”;
    c. Click on the tab for the iButton/RFTag you wish to edit;
    d. Click on the iButton/RFTag that you wish to edit and then click on the “Edit” button;
    e. Edit the “Description” field and then click the “OK” button;
    f. Repeat the editing steps until all iButton/RFTag descriptions you wish to change are changed;
    g. When finished click on the programming screens OK button, if you get an alert window click “Yes”, you will now be prompted to connect your Guardus device to transfer the new programming.


    Your Guardus programming should now be updated.

  • 3 - How do I change the time setting in my Guardus device?

    In PROGuard

    This will synchronize the time in the Guardus device to that of the computer running PROGuard

    a. Open PROGuard, go to “Tools” and click on “Test Guardus…”
    b. In the “Test Guardus…” screen click on “Set Guardus Clock” and click the “Start” button.
    Please note that the “Communicate to Guardus” option will automatically be selected.
    c. You should have a message in the dialog box saying “Guardus Clock Set OK!”

    The clock has now been set to match that on your computer


    (This information assumes you’re using PROGuard version 4.8b, if you are not please download it from our software downloads page)

  • 4 - GOL: Guards are not identified on my reports

    When you issue ID buttons to your guards they may use them to identify themselves as the guard performing a tour.

    The reason why the Guards are not being identified on your reports is because they are not reading their ID button prior to starting their tour.


    In Guard On-Line you’re able to require the guard to identify themselves before starting a tour if you’re wand(s) are using Guardus programming. To do this:

    a. Go to “Programming” and click on “Readers”

    b. Select the wand being used and click “Edit”

    c. In the “General” tab under the “Other Options” section click the checkbox for “Require Guard identification at tour initiation”


    Once you have completed any other programming click on the “Save” button and follow the normal steps to schedule the programming of the wand. Once the wand has been updated with the new programming your guards will be required to identify themselves before the tour starts.

  • 5 - How do I set-up the Collector GRPS?

    The Collector GPRS uses software called the Collector GPRS Tool to configure the unit. The software is available from ourdownload page
    Once downloaded run the file that will set up the software on your PC using an installation wizard.

    Now you have the Collector GPRS Tool installed we can proceed with configuration.

    Setting up for use with Guard On-Line (GOL)
    For the GOL server details you need to contact Contronics support Full instructions will be emailed to you and our support staff can help you over the phone if required.

    Setting up for use with PROGuard

    Note: these instructions assume that you have Guardian installed already

    a. Open the Collector GPRS Tool
    b. Click on the settings tab
    c. Enter the IP address of the computer along with the port you have Guardian installed on
    d. Consult your cellular data provider for the APN, username, password and authentication mode. This may not be required by your provider
    e. You should not need to enter the DNS server details but if you do we recommend using the ones specified by your cellular data provider. Alternatively you may use as the primary DNS server and as the secondary DNS server.

    You should now be set up and using your Collector GPRS.

  • 6 - I’m having trouble downloading with the USB cable?

    There are 3 main reasons you may have trouble with the USB cable interface:

    1. When using a Guardus G7 the USB interface may have been mixed up with that of a Guardus G3.
    2. PROGuard has not been set up with the correct interface settings
    3. 99% of the time it is due to the driver for your Guardus wand not being installed correctly or installed too many times

    The first step (if you’re using the Guardus G7) is to check your USB interface, the easy way to tell if you have the correct interface is to look at the sticker under the unit with the serial number on it, if the sticker is white or grey you have an incorrect USB interface, if it is red you’re using the correct USB interface.

    The second step is to check your PROGuard interface settings. To do this open the PROGuard software, ensure you have ‘USB Communication Cable’ selected, if you’re using the Guardus G7 check the ‘With IR’ option otherwise check the ‘Without IR’ option. Click ‘OK’ and now close PROGuard. Next re-open PROGuard and try to download the information from your Guardus wand.

    The final step if you’re still having difficulty, is to ensure you have the correct driver for Guardus installed on your computer

    BEFORE STARTING: Make sure the USB interface is NOT plugged into the computer

    a. Ensure you have the latest version of PROGuard, if you have an older version you can download the latest version fromdownloads
    b. Now check you have a copy the latest drivers downloaded to your computer, these are available from driver downloads
    c. Make sure PROGuard is closed on the computer
    d. Remove the Guardus drivers from your computer
    e. Run the driver installation file you have just downloaded from our website, this will walk you through the process step-by-step
    f. Once installation is complete plug in the USB interface
    g. Now open PROGuard and check the interface settings

    You should now be able to use the USB interface with PROGuard and your Guardus wand