Don’t be fooled by a social engineer

You have no idea, but the social engineer can be closer than you think.

The social engineer can be in several places. In a bar, in the bank line, in a business meeting and even on the internet. But you know what a social engineer does?


It is someone who has the talent of persuasion and uses it to extract personal information from their victims. Without you noticing during an unpretentious conversation, he induces you to give your personal data such as bank details, passwords, credit card numbers and confidential financial information.


You can’t imagine yourself providing that kind of information to a stranger, right?


In a cautious way, he manages to find and exploit their victims psychological fragility, gaining their trust and credibility. They are where you least expect it.


But what to do to protect yourself from a social engineer?


1 Do not be afraid to question someone who introduces himself as “authority”. If the authority is legitimate, the professional will identify himself.

2 Expose the minimum amount of personal information on social networks.

3 When you get off work, leave  important documents locked into the drawers.


Your life s greatest treasure is the information you carry along with you. Keep it safe.


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