GOL-Volley: USB devices on PCs with GOL

If you use Contronics GOL (Guard OnLine) you can remotely download data and control tours in real time over the web. Probably you use a USB interface to connect your Guardus to a Windows machine, either to program it or to download it’s data.


This is only possible thanks to a Java plugin downloaded from GOL witch uses NPAPI (Netscape Plugin Application Program Interface), a legacy industry standard supported by today’s web browsers. However, major browser developers decided to drop NPAPI support. This means this Java plugin who connects your USB interface with GOL will no longer be able to run.


To enable local USB downloads to work with GOL, Contronics developed GOL-Volley, a small utility you can download and install into Windows that takes care of the connection between USB port and GOL system running inside your web browser. We recommend you to install GOL-Volley today, even if your browser still supports NPAPI. October 7th on, GOL will drop the Java plugin use and detect local USB interfaces through GOL-Volley only.


For further information and details please refer to our technical report TecInfo-022-GOL-Volley.



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