How to manage risks in the business environment?

Companies apply about 3-5% of their revenues in risk prevention.

Companies of all business segments are increasingly focused on profit and positive results at the lowest possible cost. With extremely competitive operations basis, these organizations seek to develop and manage their projects with minimal waste, either in funding or manpower. In addition to ensure a higher quality of work, it is clear that managing the risks in the business environment also generates free time to contact your customer.


Today, companies invest about 3-5% of their revenues in preventing and minimizing risks. Risks being identified, they help managers to make decision with precision regarding the necessary investments and future steps to be taken. The most important is to identify these risks, so that the task of fighting them is performed easily and effectively. Risks related to organization, product development and training of staff are some of the issues taken on the agenda.


Operational risks such as accidents, injuries and external damage must also be taken into consideration. Imagine losing an employee because of some kind of physical injury. And it slows the operation processes, the lack of a developer actually affects the delivery of the final product and its receipt by the customer.
Manage risk in your business should be something seen as an opportunity. This way, your company can design future projects and make new investments without big risks to the organization.


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