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Remote Net

Remote-i Net is part of the family of Contronics remote downloaders.

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Remote-i Net is part of the family of Contronics remote downloaders. This device downloads data collected from Guardus and transfers it via an internet connection to either Guard On Line or a computer running PROGuard configured to receive data remotely via internet. Thanks to Remote-i Net it is possible to download Guardus from anywhere in the world that has an active internet connection.

Who uses Remote-i Net?

  • Companies wish to streamline data collection with an active internet connection and available RJ-45 port.
  • Security companies with remote sites located far from headquarters that have an existing internet connection.
  • National or multinational companies with remote sites that intend to maintain centralized control of reports.
  • Companies that want to reduce the total cost of ownership by utilizing existing network infrastructure.

How does it work?

  • Remote-i Net connects to your existing network via RJ-45 connection.
  • Connect a power supply to power the unit.
  • The Guardus is docked on Remote-i NET which automatically intiates the upload of data.
  • An LED visual alert notifies the user when the transfer has been completed.
  • Information is collected by a remote PC configured to receive data uploaded by the Remote-i Net.


Especificação Geral:


  • Strategically placed Remote-i Nets streamline data collection.
  • No need to visit sites where Guardus series wands are being used to collect data.
  • Saves time and money by eliminating the need for Supervisor visits to sites.
  • Make the most out of your existing network infrastructure by utilizing the technology you already have in place.

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