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Guard On-Line (GOL)

The Guard On-Line software (known as GOL) is online software accessible through most modern web browser.

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The Guard On-Line software (known as GOL) is online software accessible through most modern web browser.

GOL is actively maintained and securely hosted by Contronics in an advanced maximum security data facility located in Miami, Florida (for more information on the technical details to the facility please see the information at the bottom of this page). This reduces your IT infrastructure and staffing cost delivering real time solutions to your company.

Especificação Geral:

With GOL your business can benefit from

  • A Real time system that provides instant alerts on exceptions and incidents allowing your staff to be on top of any issue that arises on the tour now rather than later
  • Fully programmable allowing you to schedule tours, events and even if the tour route needs to be varied
  • Advanced reporting is easy to generate the exact reports you need and schedule them to be generated and even emailed to your staff and customers on a regular basis with no further staff interaction
  • Integrated Traxxer monitoring in real time for your staff to keep an eye on and address situations not only faster but proactively
  • Multiple operational offices, clients, facilities and sites allows you to manage all of your customers, readers and tours from a single interface
  • An intuitive and easy to use interface that reduces your cost in staff training and maximizes your return on investment
  • Full support via email and phone with our specialist GOL support staff to help you with anything you may want to know
  • Client access accounts allow your clients to log in and access the reports that you allow them to, this provides greater certainty, ease of mind and satisfaction to your clients
  • Branded reports with your logo re-enforces your business and showcases your company to your clients, they know they are dealing with a true professional

Overall GOL delivers an easy to use system with advanced features, high value to you and your customers as well as reduced operational cost providing a lower cost of ownership and increased client satisfaction. Plus it won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

For more information, an obligation free online demonstration and to get started with GOL contact us today.

Now for us geeks & nerds out there…
The data facility that is home to GOL is a Tier 1 (T1) data facility located in Miami, Florida. The facility boasts back-up power (UPS and back-up generator), N+1 electrical system redundancy, 100% data redundancy with dual links from 13 independent providers, industry leading fire protection systems, specialty HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system and state of the art security system (including CCTV on continuous recording, dual credential biometric access, 27/7/365 security system and “hospital priority” status for energy restoration).

Mode: On-line

Operating System: Windows