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Guardus G7

The Guardus G7 (commonly referred to as a “wand” by users) is an advanced tour system reader and data collection tool.

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The Guardus G7 (commonly referred to as a “wand” by users) is an advanced tour system reader and data collection tool.

The job of the Guardus G7 is to collect data from tour checkpoints using RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology.

The basic concept behind a tour system is to strategically position checkpoints along a tour route, the guard or staff member performing the tour then places the Guardus G7 on the checkpoint recording that it has been passed by, the information recorded is then downloaded to the tour system software were reports and information collected are available.

What is the difference between the Guardus G7 and the Guardus G3 series?

The greatest difference between the Guardus G7 and the Guardus G3/Guardus G3 V9 is the technology that is used to read checkpoints. The Guardus G7 uses RFID where the Guardus G3/Guardus G3 V9 reads iButton technology.

RFID checkpoints don’t need direct contact unlike the iButton checkpoints, this allows for checkpoints to be hidden under most surfaces reducing visual pollution in the area and greater security to the checkpoints.

The Guardus G7 is also designed with an extremely strong industrial polycarbonate plastic in the head to allow the RFID checkpoints to be read. Just like the Guardus G3/Guardus G3 V9 we use an Aerospace Aluminum (Duralumin T6) for the body ensuring the Guardus G7 is the strongest RFID data collection device on the market.

Finally, to transfer data to a computer or network the Guardus G7 uses infrared technology, this means you just point the iR sensor towards the interface (a bit like how you use a remote control with a TV) and the data is transferred.

The easiest and only intelligent reader on the market

To use the Guardus G7 simply hold the wand near any checkpoint, the task of attending to a checkpoint is now completed.

When the tour is due to start, the Guardus G7 can tell you; if an error was made in the tour, the Guardus G7 will notify you; if a supervisor needs to verify the last tour was completed successfully, the Guardus G7 will tell you; if the battery is getting low, the Guardus G7 will tell you – simply intelligent!

The Guardus G7 is more than a reader, you can do a lot more including:

  • Alert with sound, light or both as to when a tour is due to start
  • Alerts to indicate there has been an error in the tour
  • Create tour routes the guard or staff member is to follow, you can also require variations of the tour route for security purposes – the Guardus G7 can notify this to the guard or staff member
  • Require the guard or staff member to read an identification tag before starting the tour to verify which staff member has perform it
  • Have up to 256 events defined when used in conjunction with the Contronics Event Wallet
  • Battery indicator notifies when the battery gets low, it will also display the battery status in the software when data is imported
  • The battery sensor notes any time the battery is removed and placed back, so you know when staff try to avoid their tours

The Guardus G7 is tough, REALLY tough because:

  • The body is made out of Aerospace Aluminum (Duralumin T6), not plastic or weaker metals
  • The head is made out of industrial grade polycarbonate plastic (Lexan) to allow the RFID checkpoints to read, this plastic is designed to withstand impact and other mistreatment
  • Has a specially developed resin to protect the internal workings of the wand from impact, shock, water, moisture, chemical exposure and more
  • With no buttons or screens the strength of the Guardus G7 is not compromised and vandalism is no longer an option
  • Can handle approximately 95% humidity without condensation
  • Each unit is quality checked and tested to ensure you get the best available
  • For your piece of mind you get a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty

Typical applications of the G7 include:

  • Security companies that offer qualified, accountable services to their clients. The Guardus G7 allows them to deliver detailed and accurate activity reports while allowing for accountability of each individual guard within the organization
  • Alarm monitoring companies use the Guardus G7 to demonstrate and record the efficiency in responding to alarms going off
  • Governments have a variety of usages in public buildings, with Police officers and verification of public transportation time tables
  • Hotels and other accommodation businesses to provide automated notifications to reception of room status such as clean, dirty, maintenance required, deep clean required, etc.
  • Universities, factories, hospitals, parks, zoos and other large areas that demand efficient and accountable records for verification purposes

What flavor do you need?

If you’re new to tour systems or you need to deploy a new site the Guardus G7 kit is the best way to go – easy.

If you only need the Guardus G7 the unit can be purchased individually.

Especificação Geral:

What works with the Guardus G7?

Software: PROGuard reporting system (included) and Guard On-Line (GOL) real time monitoring, reporting and alerts system

Mobile data collectors: Collector USB and Collector GPRS

Remote data collectors: Remote-I WiFi

Local download docking stations: Download iRF

Local communication cables: USB RIDA communication cable

Batteries: Any standard C size battery available in your local store, we recommend alkaline for the best results, if your battery gets low there is no need to have to remember to recharge the Guardus G7, simply put in a new battery – less down-time and no forgetting!

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Power Input: 1x Battery 9V

Body: Duralumínio de Aviação T8 com anodização a frio

Average Battery Life: 1 year

iWt: Sim

Impact Sensor: Yes

Identification Technology: Tag

Tip: Stainless Steel

Panic Button: Yes

Battery Detection: Yes

Reader Model: Guardus

Interface Compatibility:


Software: PROGuard – English