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The Guardus Bluetooth (known as the Guardus GBT) is a tour reader that supports both iButton and RF-Tag technologies.

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The Guardus Bluetooth (known as the Guardus GBT) is a tour reader that supports both iButton and RF-Tag technologies. It has all the normal features you enjoy from the rest of the Gaurdus product line such as being fully programmable. In addition the GBT has built-in Bluetooth that enables real-time solutions via a Bluetooth equipped cellular device.


For example, the Guardus GBT can be used in security patrols to record the locations visited in the patrol and incidents/events that occurred. The patrol officer when inspecting a location simply reads the iButton or RF-Tag in the location, we call these “checkpoints”.


Immediately after the Guardus GBT reads the checkpoint, it can via Bluetooth connection to a cellular device transmit the information to Guard On-Line patrol software. The information is then accessible via your computer and the information will be included in the next reports as well as any monitoring that has been set up.


The maximum distance the Guardus GBT can be from the cellular device is 15 meters under normal conditions but keep in mind that the mobile device is normally on the patrol officers uniform such as in a pocket or case attached to a belt.


The head of the Guardus GBT Is made out of an injection process exclusively developed by Contronics. This is the same plastic polymer used in bullet proof shields used by special police forces such as SWAT, riot squads and Armed Defenders Squads around the world.


Some of the programming functionality is done with either PROGuard or Guard On-Line software. In other words, to get the full benefit from the Guardus GBT it is necessary to find the software that is right for your application and use case. For example, in the case of real-time monitoring of patrols Guard On-Line will be required, but for basic after-the-fact reporting our free PROGuard software will likely meet your needs.


To work in real time it a cellular device with the following features is required:

  • GSM or iDen (Nextel)
  • Bluetooth
  • Supports Java applications
  • An appropriate license for a supported Guard On-Line mobile application
  • A telecommunications plan that includes data network access

You can also use a PC, laptop (notebook or netbook) or tablet as long as it meets the above requirements.

Especificação Geral:

Physical Characteristics:

Physical Body and head en poly-carbonate with a synthetic rubber polychloroprene.

165mm x 45mm (6,5″ x 1,7″).

225 g.

32 Kb non-volatile.

Variable depending on the memory capacity and how the tours are programmed:
32 KB: 2,500 to 4,500 readings.

Operating temperatures:
-20°C to 75°C, available on special request.

Dust and water protection:
Above 95% with no condensation.

Two AA (1.5V) alkaline batteries. We recommend Panasonic, Duracell or Rayovac brands however any brand may be used.

Serial communications:
Transfer rate of 115,200 bit/s. When the memory is full this takes around 15 seconds to be transferred.

Bluetooth Communications:
Class 2 – 2.4GHz

Distance to the Bluetooth communication device:
At least 5 meters, reaching up to 15 meters in environments free (without obstacles)

Life expectancy:
10 years if not subjected to misuse and abuse.

Audio and light alerts.

Power Input: 2x Battery 1,5V AA

Panic Button: No

Reader Model: Guardus

Identification Technology: Button

Identification Technology: Tag

Body: Policarbonato + Capa de Borracha

Battery Detection: Yes

Average Battery Life: 5 months

iWt: Sim

Impact Sensor: No

Tip: Polycarbonate